Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins

54 days abroad! We arrived in Santiago last Monday, at 6AM. We are staying at Andres Padilla (’s place, in a very nice area of the city. Frankly, we have been way too busy this week to do any touristic things, all we did was party, get tattooed, visit a fantastic food market and a record store!

So far, our impression of Santiago is very very good. In fact, we feel right at home here! The people are very friendly, the city is clean and it’s very efficient (the metro system is so easy to use!) It kinda feels like Montreal a bit, except there are dogs everywhere haha… I love that!

So our first day in Santiago, our friend Matias (Condenados bassist) invited us to a welcome party. We ended up getting totally wasted with him and his friends:

Francois, Annick, Panda and Matias with our midnight beer! The metal cans smelled like armpits, so I had to pour the beer in a glass to be able to drink it haha

Annick and Francois with the Cauchemar/Condenados CD’s

Carlos and Matias at the Cronos bar (a few days later)

The day after, totally hungover, we went to get tattooed at Daniel Desecrator’s home studio. He is an extremely talented Chilean illustrator/tattoo artist, and has done hundreds of logos, album covers, shirts and artwork for the metal scene. He is also the bassist and vocalist of black metal band Slaughtbbath.  You can view his black art here:

Some of Daniel’s artwork on the walls (click to see details)

Beautiful oil painting just finished…

Skull collection! The long one is from a pelican!

Daniel’s torture needles

The master at work

On the torture table!

Tattoo in progress…

The result, after 5 hours! A giant deadly snake surrounding the Slayer sword!

Daniel and myself with some torture victims that did not survive…

And we finished the week by visiting the La Vega, which is a giant and quite exciting market. I didn’t take too many photos because we were kind of in a hurry!

A dog, keeping the potatoes warm at the La Vega market. This dog hated technology and its owners had to calm him down when I took out my camera haha

Some limes, potatoes (yes, those pink things are potatoes!) and other stuff at the La Vega market in Santiago

Yesterday we went to a really nice and totally underground metal shop called TEMPLO, owned by the COMMUNION guys. I will talk more about them and their evil doings later. Now, we are planning to rest for the weekend, with perhaps a nice barbecue… ahhh, life rules!


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