Let the End Begin

Tomorrow night, a 9:50PM flight from Bogota will be transporting us to Santiago de Chile, where a new, mysterious land awaits. We loved Colombia, its people, the metal and the food, but we are also very excited to visit a new country. We’ll be spending a month in Chile; playing 4 concerts:

Cauchemar tour with doom metal band Condenados!

We are very much looking forward to this, and will fill you guys up with every detail possible. In the meantime, here is what we did on our last full day in Bogota; going on top of the Monserrate mountain located at an altitude of 3512 meters above the sea!

Telepheric to go on top of the mountain

Some sort of garden thing, located at the bottom of the telepheric

The view of Bogota from the top was absolutely fantastic. You don’t really notice how big the city is when you’re in it, but from the top it’s a totally different story:

The city of Bogota! So huge!!!

Our metal guide Miguel, with myself and François – posing with mountains from Monserrate

Some house thing

We then descended, and had our last dinner – ajiaco straight from a Bogota restaurant. It’s the same soup I had in Medellin – made from scratch by Andres, but this tasted quite different. Anyway, it really hit the spot!

Ahiaco – Bogota’s most traditional soup. Yes, there is a whole chicken leg in it!

We also visited a big flea market, where there were a few metal stands. I bargained the hell out of this tape:

My scores of the day… a pack of chips I won (had to visit around 10 stores to finally get my prize haha) and a nice 2$ New York Metal compilation tape from 1984!

Ok, that’s all! Good night, and see you all in Chile!!! Hahaha


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