Under the Sun (Every Day Comes and Goes)

The past few days have been really relaxing – we pretty much did nothing beside relaxing under the sun, walking on the beach and exploring the city. The food here is truly amazing – everything is so fresh and affordable. Even making your own meals taste better because of the freshness of the ingredients. And the avocados… sooo much tastier than back home! I ate some awesome slow cook pulled pork tacos yesterday, but they were so tasty I didn’t wait to take photos of them… haha!! But here is a photo of yours truly eating a Dulce de Leche candy (A sweet of milk):

Dulce de leche candy thing... that thing was dangerously good. Like fresh caramel. With nuts.

Almost everything is perfect here, except for the fact that we are located right beside the city’s biggest church, Our Lady of Guadalupe:

La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

The church wakes us up at 6AM with this weird song that lasts 1 minute, and then rings its bells loudly for a while, then more quietly every 30 minutes. As it pretty much never rains here, our windows don’t close completely and we can hear everything perfectly… it makes it really hard to sleep, but at least we got our earplugs. Take that, church! Haha! I gotta admit though, the 12AM church songs sound really cool and evil. I wish you guys could hear them. Sounds like a horror movie soundtrack. Or Italian doom metal (but that sounds like a horror movie soundtrack anyway!)

Today, January 13, we wanted to take a vacation from our vacation, so we decided to go to Yelapa, a place only accessible by boat (or as they call it, water taxi):

The Boca port, to take the boat to Yelapa

Yelapa is a really tiny and peaceful fishing town, which apparently only got electricity 4 years ago. There aren’t any big roads there, only small paths leading everywhere in confusing ways. We ended up visiting a waterfall. If you went on the left, you ended up in the woods with a toilet in the open.

A funny looking donkey haha

Soaking up the rays

666% relaxxxx

Downtown Yelapa

After a day in the sun, a gigantic slice of lemon-meringue pie was well deserved:

Lemon and meringue pie... doesn't look that good on the photo, but it was delicious!

Oh, and to finish tonight’s post, here is a funny spangrish photo… good night!



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