Goodbye Canada… Hello Mexico!

Family house in Orléans (Ottawa suburb) – photo taken on January 9th

Today we woke up at 3AM, and went straight the the Ottawa airport for our first destination flight; Puerto Vallarta with a stop in Chicago.

Us at the Ottawa airport - photo by Ginette Giroux

Us at the Ottawa airport – photo by Ginette Giroux

When we landed in Puerto Vallarta, we were literally assaulted by dozens of hungry taxi drivers wanting to make a quick buck, but we – being the cheap asses that we are (haha), we always want to take the cheapest option possible, so we opted for the city bus. It was something like 20$ USD cheaper, and it was quite a rough but fun ride! What’s cool about the PV bus, is that the driver actually gives you your change back – contrary to here in Canada… and you ride with the locals instead of being with rich tourists. We’re going to do this as much as possible when we travel from now on.

As soon as the bus stopped, in downtown Puerto Vallarta, I jumped on the occasion to get my first burrito – or as they call it, Burrita con pollo! Here is a photo of it. It was awesome in all its greasiness:

Yummy burrita

After that, we checked in our hostel (Oasis hostel), then went to walk around the block…

Testing the water… it was actually cold! ARGH!

A happy François

We then went to do our groceries for the following day… we found some pretty funny stuff that we’d though you guys would like…

Bimbo bread… huuhh huhh huuhh

Viking hotdogs! Wrapped in bacon!!!!!!!!

So yeah, that’s pretty much our day! We ended up meeting up with a fellow-hostel-resident-German Judas Priest maniac and we discussed good metal over beer all evening.

Beautiful colors


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