Eat the Rich

Only two days left in Puerto Vallarta, and we’ve been having a total blast… especially our stomachs! Mexico is truly a paradise for gourmets, where gluttony is queen. The city is filled with food stalls that spreads an amazing aroma all over the streets… day and night! It’s truly hard to resist eating everything in sight haha

Taco stand

The result: chorizo tacos + carne quesadillas

Quesadilla de camarones

Also, we discovered that Mexico had some quite amazing beer – my ultimate discovery (for now) is “Indio”. It tastes like really fancy Czech pilsner! It’s round in the mouth, and really really tasty. I can’t wait to find a bar and drink a whole pitcher of it…

Indio beer… a real gem of a cerveza. The other one (Negra Modelo) is a nice Vienna-style lager.

Today we saw some cheese that looked like curds, so we decided to make mexican poutine for dinner. We used (for two), 1/2 cup of olive oil, 5 potatoes cut in fries, a pack of salsa and 175 g of oaxaca cheese.

Mexican curds… *drools*

You start by boiling water in a large pot, then adding the potatoes in. Cook until they are soft enough to pierce easily with a knife and then fry them in olive oil in a pan for 20 minutes or until they become golden and crispy. When the fries are almost ready, you can heat the salsa; it needs to be boiling in order to melt the cheese. When everything has finished cooking, do it like this: Put cheese on the bottom of a plate, place fries, add more cheese, then smother with salsa… and serve!

The result… sooooooo gooooooodddddd……

Unleashed in the feast

We also found a record shop in Puerto Vallarta! And they have a small but decent metal section too. The shop name is Sonido Rana, located at FCO. 1 Madero 325.

The metal section. Black Sabbath’s Born Again! Judas Priest’s Sin After Sin!! And they had like 5 sealed copies of the big Judas Priest box set – the one with studs on the side. But that was pretty much it.

So yup… the next time you hear from us, we’ll be in Guadalajara. For now, here is a non-vegetarian friendly photo of François in a butcher shop in the Mercado Emiliano Zapata.

Francisco el carnicero

FCO. 1 Madero 325


2 responses to “Eat the Rich

  • marsiNator

    haha, poutine in puerto vallarta! cant escape the canadian in you, i suppose.
    i very much enjoy the last, butcher pic 🙂
    I’m in Albania at the moment and theres plenty of amazing(and disgusting for some, especially americans and vegetarians) food everywhere here as well. 🙂

    enjoy your trip and variety of food …. keep the pictures coming!


  • Miguel

    Miguel from Colombia writes. Being a long time Doom Metal fan I got your MLP last year… and really loved it. Those Sabbathy songs with a female voice singing in French are really something special. So, you can say I’m a Cauchemar fan.
    I just read that you’re playing in Chile soon and I have to say: WHY NOT Colombia?????
    I know you’re attending a Witchtrap gig in a couple of weeks and I think that would be a nice opportunity to play those 5 songs down here. I’m pretty sure Hugo could help by lending instruments and finding a drummer who could lend a hand. Please make that possible, it would be the first Doom Metal gig in the country since Cathedral played back in ’96.
    Bonnes vacances,

    PS: This kid is not only a good drummer but also a diehard Metal head:

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