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Three days left before the big jump…

There are only three days before we head to our first destination, Puerto Vallarta, on January 10th. There is a small snow storm going on right now in Ottawa, and seeing a huge sun when we arrive will be a huge (and well-deserved) contrast, haha! We pretty much finished all the preparations, including packing our bags. We threw out tons of stuff, and had to buy more compact things to bring with us, because our goal is to have – at least for the 2/3rds of the trip – a small day bag each only. Our bags weight 16lb (7kg) and 13lb (6kg). Not bad!

Here is what we are bringing with us:

The content of our bags

The content of our bags... of course, most of our stuff is black haha

1 33L day back pack
1 rain cover
1 passport
1 immunization record
1 travel sheet covers
1 pair of eyeglasses
1 wallet
1 notebook
1 pair walking shoes
1 bathing suit/shorts
2 pairs of jeans
2 band t-shirts
1 long-sleeve
1 sweatshirt
1 gore-tex wind breaker jacker
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of undies
1 baseball cap

1 32L day back pack
1 rain cover
1 passport
1 immunization record
1 travel sheet covers
1 hand bang
1 fan (for hot weather!)
1 pair of eyeglasses
1 wallet and chain
1 Ipod shuffle
1 makeup bag w/travel mascara, nail clipper, lip balm, eye shadow, paint brush and eyebrow pluckers
1 pair walking shoes
1 pair sports sandals
1 denim skirt
1 leather skirt
2 pairs of leggings
1 tankini two-piece bathing suit
1 night gown
1 band t-shirt
1 sleeveless band t-shirt
1 sleeveless sports shirt
1 long-sleeve band shirt
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of undies
1 bra
1 baseball cap

For both:
1 French-Spanish dictionary
1 South America guide
1 Agenda
1 shower kit, including razors, floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, shower brush, hair elastics
1 pharmacy bag, including immodium, gravol, bepto bismol tablets, cipro tablets, gastrolyte (hydratation salts), eye drops, polysporin (first-aid antiseptic), malaria medication, altitude sickness tablets, healfast band-aids, gauze, emergency tape
Misc bag, including 33 db earplugs (to sleep), water cleaning chemical drops, swiss knife, laundry soap, universal sink plug, sewing kit, mosquito repellent, 60 spf sunscreen, hand cream
1 set of universal adapters

Here’s what our bags look like packed!

Packed bags

Packed bags

Now, the last things we need to do is drink a few beers for the very last time with our friends… haha! Cheers!



Greetings! Annick here. This is the travel journal for me and my husband, Fran├žois. We got rid of our jobs, appartment and pretty much everything, and we are going on a long trip that will lead us all over the world. Today is our last day in Montreal; we have been basically camping in our appartment for the past few days, and we will be moving for two weeks in Ottawa before leaving on the big trip! More about the preparations soon!