Love Me Like a Reptile

So we’ve been in Medellin for about two weeks and a half now, and we are still having a great time. We did more touristic things in the past few days, like visit the Cemetary, the Museo de Antioquia (with a huge floor dedicated to Botero – the guy that paints everything in a GIGANTIC way), the Botanical Garden and the …ZOO! Haha… and it was totally worth it.

At the Botanical garden (which has a free entrance), there is a small closure with butterflies flying around. One of them seemed to be a Venom maniac:

Metalhead Butterfriend

He just wouldn’t leave the shirt, haha!

And at the zoo, there were many cool animals… like 8 different types of monkeys, ostriches (I saw one taking a dump – the photo is really really nasty!) pumas, snakes, alligators…

Alligatör taking a nap


White peacock (!)

And tons of exotic birds…

The parrot doing some human-watching

Around our hostel too, we have some weird species – of plants, mostly. There’s a really weird tree that has berries growing on its trunk. Some guy told me the name of it, but I forgot it by now. I tried eating one, and it tasted a bit like gooseberries (guédelles for people living in Quebec!!).

Weird berries growing on tree truck

We also have a Voïvod-ish/Sadistik Exekution tree. It looks very normal and green from the outside, but when you look under, it’s spiky as hell!

Körgull, the Voïvod tree

Körgull's tree trunk!

And of course, we went to Villamil again… and this time, I took a better photo, so you guys can see what I mean about people not actually drinking inside the bar. It’s really fun, you just headbang and get loaded directly on the sidewalk!!

Villamil Ossian Metal Bar

Andres and Viejo Perro attacking me with kisses, in front of Villamil!! Hahaha

At the middle of the night, we went to a nearby fast-food stall, and got a burger. Well, they call this a burger, but it’s more of a salad with 10 different dressings. Check out the photos…

Our hamburgers in the making

Us, posing with the gigantic, artery-clogging "burgers" deeply inspired by Botero's works.

After this we couldn’t drink beer anymore, because they just filled up every single space we had left in our stomach haha!!

Ok, that’s pretty much all for tonight, folks! And on a last note, never order two slices of pizza each in a pizzeria here, check out what you’ll get… (that fatal error was done by our dorm-mates!)

Just one slice feeds two people! Imagine the size of the pizza hahaha


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