Hot Rockin!

We just arrived yesterday to Medellin, Colombia and we are currently residing in the beautiful house of our good friend Eduard Johnson (he lived in Montreal for 5 years, and we were very good friends over there!!). The weather is absolutely beautiful and the people are friendly… and on top of it, we can drink in the streets!!! Great! Haha. More updates next week. For now, we will be enjoying a nice week of exploring, metal listening, beer drinking and food tasting (they got like 30 types of fruits I have never seen just in the local supermarket…)

Also, to finish our chapter on Mexico, we would like to mention how much we enjoyed that country. The food was absolutely mind-numbingly good (I think I will be craving it for months haha, especially the salsas on everything!) and the people were incredibly nice. Thanks to Diego and Sarai for their hospitality, as well as to Fernando for everything. You guys are great! See you again in a few years!


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